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July 12, 2009


Join us at the DuBois Mall for the Summer Rampage League.

Whatever Enterprises
DuBois Mall
690 Shaffer Rd
Du Bois, PA, 15801
(814) 371-6490

Cost for participation will be set by the store.

August 17th to September 6th

Summer Rampage started in ‘07 and bursts back onto the scene in August 2009. This three-week campaign for glory pits the factions of WARMACHINE against the factions of HORDES in game stores worldwide. No Quarter Magazine issue #25 provides everything you need to know to get into the action. Learn how to rip warbeasts apart and render warjacks to scrap with devastating consequences using Finishing Moves. Unleash feat-like power on the battlefield when you Rampage across the table. Gather your troops, and get ready to rage.

Fight For Your Entire Faction!

Summer Rampage 2009 has higher stakes than ever for the factions of WARMACHINE and HORDES. The final results of Summer Rampage 2009 will determine the release order for the WARMACHINE MkII and HORDES MkII Force Books in 2010. Summer Rampage brings together old and new by wrapping up Summer Rampage for the original edition of WARMACHINE and HORDES while setting up the new edition to start with a bang.

Retailers! you can find the order form here or call 425 643 5900 ext 104 to place a order directly.


The 2009 Summer Rampage map layouts have a number of terrain feature requirements. The following is a list of the terrain features mandated by these maps and quantities needed to build all of the map (Keep in mind that the X’s on the maps are not accounted for in these numbers):

* (2) Buildings - 4” X 6”
* (2) Buildings - 5” X 5”
* (2) Ruins - 4” X 6”
* (2) Ruins - 5” X 5”
* (2) Forests - 4” X 6”
* (2) Forests - 6” X 8”
* (2) Shallow Water - 4” X 8”
* (1) Shallow Rivers - 3" X 48"
* (2) Hedgerows - 1" X 6"
* (4) Fieldstone Walls - 1" X 6"
* (2) Barbed Wire - 1” x 6”
* (2) Crate Stacks - 2” x 4”
* (1) Hills - 12” Diameter
* (2) Hills - 8” Diameter
* (2) Sagebrush - 4" Diameter
* (2) Sagebrush - 6" Diameter

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  1. As long as the store has the official league kit I think you'll probably see myself, Vic, and John. I haven't talked to Dwight yet but he'll probably play too.