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July 6, 2009


Adam plays WARMACHINE and HORDES at Gateway Games in Erie, PA. He's sharing this battle report with us detailing a recent game. For more information about playing WARMACHINE and HORDES at Gateway Games, go to:

Round one, Steve advanced across the battle field toward what seemed to be the army of the undead. Gorshade then ordered his forces to run to there positions, the Bane knights took cover in some ruins that the seemed to just pass through with in a blink of an eye to morgal. Then some ghostly figures that resembled pirates headed right at morgals forces. While DJ and Nightmare moved up behind Gorshades forces.

Round two, Morgals forces moved into position and prepared for the charge on the creatures from hell that loomed in front of them. As Molik Karn fiercely gripped his blades egger for the battle to come after running to his position to the left flank.
Gorshade Chuckled at what was to come of the foolish skorne, as he called six more figures from hell itself and then commanded Bane Lord tarteruse to charge forth. With a large swing of his axe tarterous cut down three swords man and before the bodies could even hit the ground he and summoned them into the forces of the undead. The pistol wraith that sprung forward and managed to put two shots into the Rhinodon that weirdly turned its back to the dangers in front of him. While the soul hunters flanked the rest of the swords men and Veninators collecting souls as they go.

Round three, Morgals minions charged Bane Lord Tarterous after watching him cut down there allies in battle. He managed to survive there initial blows, but then Molik Karn had had enough of this monstrosity in front of him and charge to land a parting blow to the fiend that just seemed to disappear in front of them. The Swords man and Karax attempted to position them self’s to counter the soul hunters who swiftly caught them by surprise. They managed to dispatch one and severally wound the other two.
The veninators then attempted to gun down the rest of the house like creatures that were in front of them. The Karax kneeled so that the veninators could attempt to Combine there shots into there targets. With quick reflexes the soul hunters dodge the shots and two poor Karax grunts feel in line of the shots that missed.

After taking such loses gorshade depleted his energy shield which seemed to grant these metal monsters in front of him the power to do there worst. As Gorshade advanced up he put his arms up and with after speaking fewer words a pulse of what seemed to be a invisible power rained out of gorshade and the Skrone forces seemed to be unable to us there magic abilities. Then the Hells Nightmare Disappeared and Morgal were shocked to see one of the Ghost like pirates disappear and then the War jack materialize in front of him. Striking him with all its fury. Morgal managed to evade most of the attacks but the two that had glanced him left him very wounded. In the back round Bane Knights moved into position to charge, behind the bile thralls which seemed to just deflate in front of them onto the unsuspecting Cataphract Cetrati. After being wounded by what seemed to be a strong acid there where charged by the bane thralls which seemed to weaken there armor. The bane thralls managed to strike down two members of there unit.

Round 4, after feeling the cold steel of what seemed to be his worst nightmare he ordered the Cataphract to charge the bane thralls that failed to complete the charge at them. As Morgals Advisor had interrupted to point out a moment of weakness in then eerie Gorshades field setup. This would give him great tactical advantage and a chance to lay waste to the evil forces in front of him. Morgal Vanished behind the Metal monster and then began to advance into position and then spoke the ancient tongue of the skorne and gave the Cataphract what seemed to be the ability to pass through there enemies in front of there faces. They advanced up to Gorshade as left some what defenseless and then began to strike him in combined attacks. The first blow seemed to almost take the life right out of him as the second group managed to miss the commander in front of then which was neither his end. After collecting his thoughts from what was thought to almost be frenzied Molik Karn charged the weakened Gorshade. His first blades managed to miss with out be able to focus his mind to guide his strikes. While the agonizors scream peirced gorshades arcane focus and denied him the ability to force nightmare.

Gorshades Bane Knights charged forth to save there leader from impending doom. The quickly dealt with the Cataphract with massive blows from there axes. The foolish leader in a daze casted his cloak of shadows upon himself and prepared for the worst to come. Death Jack then Vanished and reappeared next to Morgal as he felt that his final blow was upon him. He gave a sigh of relief when the frightening Death Jack missed with both attacks. But Nightmare came approached from behind managing to deal a little more damage to morgal but unable to become the dealer of death.

Turn five, The Last thing Gorshade heard was the war cry of Molik Karn as he yelled off with his head and laid the final blow to Gorshade.

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