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July 14, 2009


Saidin has just posted a new topic entitled "Warmachine/hordes 1-1-1-1 Event, August 9th" in forum "Official Demos and Events".


Legions is going to host another Warmachine/Hordes event on August 9th and its a 1-1-1-1 event.

You get the following in a 1-1-1-1 event:

One Warcaster or Warlock
One Warjack or Warbeast
One Unit (plus attachements)
One Solo

Thats it. Also you'll have to keep the total points for this force at or under 350 pts. **This will be a one list event and caster kill only.

So as you can see its a mixed event. Rounds will be timed.

Cost: $10

Prizes will be store credit and gold cards.

Event start at 2 pm, it a little later as a few people couldn't quite make 1 last time.

Legions Hobbies and Games
1130 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, Pa 15237
412-366-3725 (Website)

The topic can be found here:

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