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July 3, 2009


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TempleCon 2010 - now with more space!

Actually, all hokiness aside, we really do have more space this year - nearly twice the space that we had for TempleCon 2009. We've listened to your requests and moved to a whole new venue with more affordable rooms and free parking to take some of the sting away from your wallet, while still maintaining our high standards for quality and luxury. Plus, the gaming and main performance areas of the convention are all on one floor now (yay! no more stairs!), and in spacious rooms that are close by each other rather than spilling over into rambling corridors.

If you came to TempleCon 2009 and felt like you needed a shoehorn to fit into the board game room, you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of space we've set aside for both open board gaming and scheduled board game events. V:tES still gets quite, out-of-the way space to facilitate concentration, while Magic and other CCGs now get a glorious and spacious atrium room to throw down in. Wargamers get even larger rooms specially devoted to a huge array of our custom-build terrain tables to give you superior battles, and for WARMACHINE/HORDES players, the scenario tables are back!

Thanks to your feedback, RPG players now get a large room devoted solely to multiple role-playing events, close to the main area of the con, but less noisy than in 2009. And TempleCon 2010 features two brand-new LARPs - one created by the fine folks at Unhallowed Metropolis, who are coming out from Seattle especially to introduce you to their own nefarious brand of Neo-Victorian horror. Our second LARP continues in the fine World of Darkness Vampire: the Masquerade tradition, with a Sabbat twist that we think you'll love. Retro-futurist creepiness at its finest!

Our huge new LAN Room now offers both our perrenial favorite Xbox 360 tournaments and Wii events, plus now players have the opportunity and space to bring their PC gaming equipment and link up with other TempleCon members for the mother of all LAN parties!

And to further TempleCon's special blend of retro-futurist mayhem that you've all come to know and love, we are bringing in more workshops, more performances, more photo opportunities, more contests, more parties, more vendors - in short, more of all the excitement that makes TempleCon the premiere retro-futurist gaming and fandom experience. Not only will we feature more performance artists and dancers, we are also adding live music to the mix and a special "Diesel, Deco, and Dance" event featuring the best of New England DJs spinning with a retro-futurist twist.

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