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April 6, 2009


Well, then. I guess I won't be frying cortexes with my Gun Mages anymore, huh?

They are FA 2 so that's cool because of course I have two units of the silly hatted fellas.
Gun Mages in MKII cost 7 points and now wield magical magelock pistols.
Their stat line stayed the same except for a drop in ARM.
Arcane Inferno is now a CRA with POW 10 instead of 14.
And they don't have Shocker anymore, but they do have a nice choice of three different Arcane Effects.

I always liked the Gun Mages. I liked the look of the model, and the fluff. I can still see me using the Gun Mages but they seem a little lackluster right now because of what the Dude could give them. Now that The Dude is different, they aren't quite as shiny and cool as I thought they were with the release of Legends. But, it's not the end of the world. They still have some cool abilities and will serve their purpose in a shooty list.
I'm still giving the Gun Mages a thumbs up.

What do YOU think?


  1. I think Gun Mages can suck my stinky Troll, um... Axes. Really though they are now just a tad easier for me to survive until I get in to melee with them. Which is to say, they will still most likely hurt me to the point of near death before I die at their feet.

  2. We'll see. I need to con some of the local guys into some field testing soon.

  3. Used these guys recently and liked what they can do. I was popping ghost pirates from 16" so I'm down with that.