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April 7, 2009


What happened at Schism, you ask?
This was my 8th official tournament that I played in rather than hosting. I took an entire year to run events, visit PA hobby shops, and basically pimp the game to the fans. So I'm trying to work on getting in more practice games, and getting in more tournament experience. I get so nervous in tournament environments when I play. I don't know why. I guess it's just stage fright. I'm getting better though!
Let's talk about my first game. The guy I played (sorry forget your name) was great. He was friendly, had a nicely painted army, and had this Agonizer that was mounted on the base with a Bobblehead type spring that allowed it to bounce around and look like it was having fits. It was posed to appear to be laying on its back. I enjoyed the game because my opponent was a great guy and obviously a good player.
Well, let's talk about my choice of Lists here first. I went infantry heavy, and that was a mistake. I should have balanced my lists better however I had this idea of just cluttering up the board with lots of troops. Usually my army list is 'jack heavy with solos and few units. I decided for the hell of it I'd go the other way and go troop heavy and only have a few 'jacks. Baaaad mistake. What I learned: Balance! Balance is the key.
Anyway, my first game is pictured above. I was using Epic Caine. My opponent won the roll off, and he chose to pick himself at the First Player. If you look closely you can see that I ended up with a good sized hill on my left, a forest template right in the middle of my deployment zone, and a big tower in the middle of the board.
My opponent was using Lord Assassin Morghoul. My lack of knowledge of this Warlock would soon be painfully obvious...
So anyway, I got schooled on Skorne. Big time.
I have to tell you: My Storm Lances got hosed by his Venators. I mean, those little buggers tore my boys apart. They are considered to be average models, but their ability to hit and destroy large based models, even up to ARM:20 is definately true. In one turn I lost my Unit Leader, and had both other models injured. Yeah, I only took 3 Stormlances. Those Venators (which I now call Ventilators) groups up on the left side of the board next to the tower and shot their godawful CRA madness at me.
But I was cool. I tried to see the imminent and immediate loss of the Stormlances as acceptable losses. At least the frickin' buggers weren't in the middle of the board tearing apart my units. I moved the Long Gunners to get in some good shots, placed my Steelheads and Storm Guard in a position that Reach would help to tear up his Warbeasts, and positioned Caine in the forest after taking a few shots. I made sure that there was a mighty amount of troops between his Warlock and my Warcaster. I figured I was cool. WRONG!
My opponent popped out a couple of Animii, and then Feated Morghoul. Blinded every enemy he can see within his control radius. Because of the way I positioned my units to avoid tramples and to bog down his Heavy Warbeasts ... that made the feat hit the entire center of my army including Caine. (Although in retrospect I wonder if Caine was far enough into the woods that he would not have been blinded?) Anyway, Morghul just danced in and murdered Caine. Zip. Bam. Dead. I was like, "What? Can I see that card please?!" Sheesh. I really should study HORDES more. My lack of knowledge about Epic Morghoul was definately a downfall.
My response was: "Wow." Pause. "Wow, that's crazy." Then I started laughing, shook hands, and discussed the game briefly before moving to a different table.
I played "Robbo" next and his very nicely painted Legion army.
But that's a story for next time...

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