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March 16, 2009


When you're looking to make some simple scenery that can be used in games of WARMACHINE or HORDES, it's easy to get things done using inexpensive materials. Don't get me wrong, I love awesome and amazing terrain. But sometimes you just need to make some simple stuff to plunk down on the table, or use in tournaments. Here's a few examples of the stuff that I made.

Ancient Colossal Ruins

This piece was made using a Craft Plywood Circle, sand, static grass, craft paint, and Kinex parts I bought from Goodwill. The large leg is from a Bravestarr Skull Walker that obviously was broken.

Large Rock Template

No, this is not a chunk of foam cut, shaped, and painted to look like a big rock. It's an actual stone from the yard. I liked the shape and size, and decided it was going to become terrain.

Gear Wall Template

This template features what I like to call "Gears Walls" made from Kinex parts. The only thing that I did with this one was I added a large amount of Woodland Scenics Talus.


  1. Real rocks, as rocks! A buddy of mine jack hammered his back porch. He probably thought I was pretty strange when I asked him for some of the broken concrete pieces, but they were such interesting shapes. I ended up painting and using them as terrain.

  2. I agree. Use whatever you can! Thanks for the comment.