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March 18, 2010


It's a new year and a new edition of Warmachine and Hordes so it only seems right that Privateer has completely redefined organized league play with Shattered Grounds: Nightfall.

Set in the undead plagued Scharde Isles, Shattered Grounds: Nightfall introduces a number of new aspects to league play:

- Season specific model rules to apply to your existing models.

- An online map updated daily with in game bonuses for the factions that control specific areas of the map.

- A Battle Journal to keep track of your achievements throughout the league.

- Unlockable stratagems that can be used in game.

- A Finale event where all map bonuses will apply and you will have an entire day to win glory for your faction

Registering for the League is only $10 and will include a Battle Journal you can use all year long. Future Leagues will cost a little less since you won't be paying for the Battle Journal.

The League will run from 4/5 through 4/25.

2010 League rules at:

Season 1 rules at:

To get involved, contact Whatever!! in the DuBois Mall.

Whatever!! Sports and Gaming

DuBois Mall
690 Shaffer Rd
Du Bois, PA, 15801
(814) 371-6490

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