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March 9, 2010


Privateer Events at Cold Wars
Undead Dan and a few other Press Gangers will be hosting events at Cold Wars 2010.  Cold Wars is a primarily historical miniature convention put on every year by the Historical Miniature Gaming Society. The convention will be held from March 11th through the 14th at the Lancaster Host Resort. 
Here is the breakdown:
Mk II Demos:
Play a demo of the award-winning WARMACHINE or HORDES miniatures game from Privateer Press and receive raffle tickets for daily prize drawings. All models and gaming aids will be provided. For any questions, feel free to email them to
No pre-reg or event tickets required.
Fri. 12 - 8 pm
Sat. 12 - 8 pm
Sun. 10 - 2 pm
Ruleset: Warmachine/Hordes Mk II
Fully Painted Retribution of Scyrah Army Raffle
The Retribution army we are using for demos is up for raffle!!! Stop by to demo the latest Warmachine Army and be automatically entered in for a Raffle to win the army. Raffle will take place on Sunday (3/14) @ 2 pm.
Models and Cards include:
Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper
Manticore, Heavy Myrmidon
Chimera, Light Myrmidon
Griffon, Light Myrmidon
Ruleset: Mk II Rules. Hordes armies will use latest Mk II Field Test rules for composing armies. Please bring all the necessary cards, printouts, templates and dice, these will not be supplied.
No event tickets required, but have your con badge present at the day of the tournament.
Updates to these events at Keystone Gamers Forum (contact:
Friday @ 8pm (approx. length 4-5 hrs, with include a small break between rounds)
Format: Jacks 'n Beasts. Two 15 pt lists allowed. Single Caster with only Jacks and Beasts.
Timed Turns: Not timed, but stalling will not be accepted.
Each game will last approx. 45-60 minutes.
Slots available: 9 (as of 2/10)
Saturday @ 12:00 pm (approx. length 7-8 hrs, will include a food break between rounds).
Format: Steamroller 2010 (click for rules). Two 35 pt army lists allowed. Normal army building restrictions apply.
Timed Turns: 10 min.
Each game will last approx. 75-90 minutes.
Slots available: 8 (as of 2/10)
Convention Pre-registration:
You can pre-reg for the tournaments (demos will be on a first come first serve basis). Please refer to Cold Wars Pre-registration page for information on registering for the tournaments. Pre-reg begins January 11, 2010.
Cold War Entry Fee* (varies)
Pre-Reg HMGS Member Admission (Weekend)...$20
Pre-Reg Non-Member Admission (Weekend).....$40
On-Site HMGS Member Admission (Weekend)...$30
On-Site Non-Member Admission (Weekend).....$40
On-Site One Day Admission..........................$25
New or Renewal HMGS Membership................$25
*The events will NOT cost any extra to participate. Not to mention you will have full access to the rest of the convention, including the vaunted vendor hall

For more information, please check out the Cold Wars Administration Information Page.
How to Pre-Register for Privateer Events at Cold Wars
Once you have pre-registered for a badge with Cold Wars, please email with the confirmation number along with which events you plan on attending (Jacks 'n Beasts or Steamroller). All we need is proof that a badge has been purchased, so we can lock you in a spot to the tournament. NOTE: PLEASE REMOVE ANY FINANCIAL INFORMATION from the email.
Also, I will register you for a Keystone Gamers account (link) and assign you to a Cold Wars group. This will make it easier to send out reminders and updates should they occur. Email, if you have any problems.
Jacks 'n Beasts: We have faction patches for those folks that place top place in their faction.
Steamroller: Although we will be using the Steamroller 2010 rules, the coins are from the old kit.
Demo Raffles: Several items are floating around. To be continued...
Middle Atlantic Team Tournament to be held on October 9th, 2010
The first Middle Atlantic Team Tournament (MATT) will be held in Media, PA on October 9th.
Each store or club within 2-3 hours driving distance will form teams of 3 players whose wins are counted together for the overall win of a team traveling trophy. If you have an odd number coming (say 4 or 5) members outside a 3-man team can still play but their points don't get added towards the team tournament prize. 
Individual players still vie to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, so there is plenty of reason for everyone to come and play.
Showcase Comics and Games
Granite Run Mall Route 1
Media, PA 19063
(610) 891-9229
More details forthcoming.
Comic Store West
2111 Industrial Highway 
York, PA 17402
Warmachine and Hordes Events
March 20th - GO WILD! Charity Tournament to Benefit the York SPCA
Bring a single list 35pt list, Warmachine or Hordes. Here’s the catch, you and your opponent will have the opportunity to donate toward the shelter and get awesome in game effects like: Re-roll one die, get and additional focus or fury, force a warbeast to automatically fail or succeed on a Threshold check. Help out unfortunate animals and have fun at the same time!
All rounds will use the Killbox scenario from the Steamroller 2010 rules.
The entry fee is $10 or 10 points worth of donations. 
Registration starts at 11, dice will roll at noon.
No coins or gift certificates will be awarded at this event since all proceeds are going to go to the shelter.
Questions? E-mail me or post to the thread on the Keystone Gamers forum thread: 

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