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September 5, 2009


Today was a hard fought day at the store!

The final standings are as follows:

  • Justin: 15 wins ( 500 x7, 750 x7, 1000 x1) 63 Control Points
  • Vic: 11 wins (500 x5 and 750 x6) 45 Control Points
  • Larry: 12 wins (500 x8, 750 x4) 44 Control Points
  • Macchi: 4 wins (500 x1, 750 x 3) 18 Control Points
  • Dwight: 4 wins (500 x4) 12 Control Points
  • John: 4 wins (500 x4) 12 Control Points
  • Pat: 1 win (500 x1) 3 Control Points
  • JBG: 1 win (500 x1) 3 Control Points
  • Hunter (Participating)
  • Rich: Ringer
Justin earns the FIRST PLACE PIN.
Vic earns the SECOND PLACE PIN.
Larry earns the THIRD PLACE PIN.

Well played gentlemen! Thanks to the staff of WHATEVER!! for hosting the event. And thanks to the crew of DuBois WARMACHINE and G.O.D. who played their hearts out and made the event an awesome experience. Having great guys like you make it fun to be a Press Ganger! And thanks to JBG for coming up from Duncansville to roll dice with us on the closing day. It was great to see you man!

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