We're never satisfied with the state of the local gaming community here in DuBois, PA. We're constantly trying to network, expand, and bring new people into the fold. This includes teamwork and communication with other gaming groups, gaming stores, and individual players. So no matter whether you are in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, or West Virgina ... you're still close enough to stay in contact and join our crew. Come roll some dice with us. We'll return the favor.

August 15, 2009


On Sunday, we will gather at WHATEVER!! in the DuBois Mall in order to get a jump start on Summer Rampage. At the end of the three week campaign, the top three winners will earn the first, second, and third place pins from Privateer Press.

However, Sunday offers some special prizes:

  • The day's overall winner will get $15 of Privateer Press swag. You will get to pick $15 worth of product out of a list of available models for your Faction. The swag will be ordered and you'll get it when it makes it to my door.
  • The day's overall winner will "earn his stripes." These stripes can be added to your Tournament shirt ... if you have one.
  • The Executioner award: Whichever player gets the most victory points throughout the day with earn the Executioner's Axe patch. This can be added to your tournament shirt ... if you have one.
  • The Hot Dice award: Whichever player rolls the most Criticals during the day's events will earn the Hot Dice patch. Again, this can be added to your tournament shirt ... so get one.
(Note: You can only win one of the above so if you are the overall winner, you won't get the other two. And if you get the Hot Dice, you won't get the other two. That way the awards get to more than one person. Simple common sense, I say!)

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