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April 20, 2009


Okay, first off let's be clear. I am not employed by Privateer Press or Dwarven Forge. So what I am discussing here is not some expert information that should be etched in stone. It's opinion, folks. This is in fact ... a blog. I am simply a fan of both companies and the product that they have supplied to fellow geeks like myself.

If you don't know what WARMACHINE is exactly ... Why not?! Go here and read about it. I include this because I recently posted some pictures in the Dwarven Forge forums and many of the hobbyists there were not familiar with Privateer Press (PP) or WARMACHINE.

Likewise, if you have no idea what Dwarven Forge might be, click here. They make really cool polystone terrain pieces that can be used to create buildings, dungeons, caverns, and more.

So anyway...

If you plan to use Dwarven Forge (DF) stuff as terrain for games of WARMACHINE, please understand that there are some basic elements you have to wrap your head around:

  • DF is made for 25mm miniatures. So in a game like WARMACHINE where the small bases are 30mm, you're not going to always be able to squeeze your medium and large based models into the terrain pieces. No big deal though, because this can add an interesting aspect to playing a game of WARMACHINE in a DF environment: limited access. Small based models can go into the tighter places and larger based models can't follow.

  • Collecting miniatures is not an inexpensive hobby. Both PP and DF could be considered expensive to collect. I really don't want to go into discussion about this because if you collect miniatures, you already know where I'm coming from. We love our toys so 'Nuff said.

  • DF WARMACHINE games are best played in 2x2 or 3x3 game areas. That's my opinion. It gives you enough space to set up environments of both "outside" and "inside." I will discuss this later.

  • A game of WARMACHINE using DF pieces will more than likely take place ... inside. Yes, battles can occur inside. It might be a duel or skirmish between small forces in a mine, a building, or an ancient temple. No matter where it takes place, the idea will be that most of the fighting will be played out as if the models were inside rather than on a battlefield.

  • Set up and tear down can be tiresome. Since DF stuff is modular, it's awesome because you can set up your maze or dungeon however you wish depending on what sets and pieces you own. But I know that the "worst" part of playing any game is cleaning up and packing up. SO not only will you be putting away all your models into foam trays, but you'll be packing up individual pieces of DF terrain too.

That's all I have for now. I'll take some pictures, and post some more information soon. I might even play out a MKII Field Test using some of my DF terrain and post a short battle report.

Leave a comment if you wish, and check back soon.

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