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April 4, 2012


As you grow up you always think your family will always be there... until something like cancer hits close to home. Then all you can do is "Hold On To Hope".

Holding on to hope is what Audrey Pounds-Montgomery is doing while she puts up a fight against Carcinoid Ca...ncer and neuroendocrine tumors or NET's. After raising two boys you would imagine that you would be trained to fight anything that was sent your way. But Carcinoid Cancer was one of those fights she never saw coming. Since carcinoid cancer has a slow growth rate compared to other cancers, it usually takes many years before they become sizable or cause symptoms to be detected. Early detection is a challenge due to the slow growth of the NET's. 

Never the less she must have done something right because while she fights from the inside out with doctors that are trying there best on this cancer that is in need of research, her son (one or our own local Zumba Fitness Instructors) Dustin Jewell fights the financial end by holding this event. We all know treatments are costly and not always covered by insurances, and travel to and from hospitals itself is a headache on its own.
So Dustin ''Holds On To Hope'' while organizing what could potentially be a blast for all who attend. Taking part in such and event not only sets you up for your own challenge to step toward health and fitness, but you also help out a great cause. He is gathering up some of the most energetic instructors from the local and surounding areas to turn up the heat for what might be one of the areas hotest (90) minutes classes yet. So take a step toward hope and help out yourelf and someone else during the "Hold On To Hope" Benefit.
Bellamauro Social Hall
1017 Reynoldsville-Falls Creek Rd., Reynoldsville, PA
Sunday, April 22, 2012  5pm - 7pm

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