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August 9, 2010

Dark Day, Ill Omens Megabattle - Greensburg, PA

PG Saidin invites you to come to Greensburg, PA on October 30.

Dark Ascension approaches, and the 3 moons will align shining fully on the Iron Kingdoms. The smart and superstitious will be safely in there homes; The treacherous and power hungry will race to the focal pont as arcane power surges from the heavens. The day spells ill fortune to all, but some may walk away with great power from above.

Set during the current time line, this battle involves all of western immoren. The minions of the dragon father plan to tap into the of the heavens on this dark day. So the call goes out "Who will fight the forces of cryx?" "Who will grab power to waste all of immoren?"

I'm working up details, the only thing I can tell you for sure is that the models from the leagues can be played in this event. Next, there can be only one of each character model on the board total, so some characters will need to be drafted by each side. Also I'm looking for two teams.

Cryx (and maybe some merc/minions) vs everyone else.

I am requiring that the cryx team have all 3 Lich Lords on the battlefield. Please post if you are going to participate and what your going to play so you can be on a team. I'm currently planning this for October 30. I will end up charging for this event, money goes toward some type of food and then door prizes.

Read the details on the Privateer Press forums right here.

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