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July 25, 2010


I already posted about this about a month ago, but here's a little reminder that TODAY is the day for the New Jersey SOB Softcore tourney.

The New Jersey Somerville Ogrun Bokurs (NJ SOBs) cordially invite you to our next tournament. This tournament is essentially a Hardcore styled format without the painting requirement. This includes awarding Hardcore prizes (ie for being undefeated, having the fastest caster kill, and having killed the most VPs).

What: 50 points Softcore
When: Sunday, July 25th, 2010 (11 AM registration; 12 PM start)
Where: The Only Game in Town (...Somerville, NJ)
Contact: 908-725-7077
Cost: $10
Guest TO: Jake Hoffman

1. 50 point SR2010 Hardcore variant without the painting requirement.
2. Bring one list.
3. Hardcore Time Limits (7 min turns; 3 min turn extension).
4. Killbox will be the only scenario.
5. Assassin scoring.

- Hardcore style scoring will be in effect.
The player who is undefeated at the end of the tournament will win the "1st place" coin.
The player who had the fastest assassination will win the "2nd place" coin.
The player who killed the most VPs in the tournament will win the "3rd place" coin.
- Bring your Battle Journals to receive Steamroller stamps.
- If at least 75% of your armies are painted, you will be eligible for a painting prize raffle. We will be randomly giving away two $20 gift certificates.
- This tournament will also earn points towards our "Biggest SOB" Annual Championship. For more information on how it works, visit

Painting Contest:
- Players may enter models they painted within the last 6 months, using the honor system. Once a model is entered in a competition, it can't be entered in one again. The model can be part of a unit. The whole unit isn't entered, just one model, however that entry will exclude any other models from the unit being entered in subsequent competitions.
- The tournament players will vote on all the entries submitted for 1st through 3rd place. Once the painting entries were all ranked, we will use a non-variable scoring system to award points towards our "Biggest SOB" Annual Championship. For more information on how it works, visit

Absolutely NO proxying (unless your case has been pleaded before the Empress and she deems it worthy). Conversions will be accepted on a model by model basis following Privateer Press' published conversion guide. All models must be assembled completely (i.e. no Warjacks/Warbeasts missing arms, wings, models falling off base, etc). Only Privateer Press models allowed (IK models are acceptable within reason). Painting not required, but highly encouraged.

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