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June 26, 2010


Here’s the run down on what the folks over at Gatehouse Games in Duncansville, PA have planned for the summer:
Here it goes, the most complete listing to date of our upcoming summer events.
June 7 – 27 is Round 2 of Shattered Grounds.  This time around it is the Blasted Heath battleground.  New model rules, scenarios and conditions will be made public once available but why wait to get to the sweet details?
Starting June 3, we will hold our “Combat Engineer” day, where participants can earn the Combat Engineer stamp in their battle journals by being involved in the event.  This event will focus on terrain pieces for different environments.  Forests, lakes, buildings and other traps are the eligible pieces for construction.  Anyone who is interested in building such a piece should consult back issues of No Quarter (only $1 for the NQ mags beside the IK minis) for inspiration or instructions.  We will be using these pieces throughout this league, so be sure to withstand the test of time.  Only by completing an appropriate piece will earn you the stamp.
Following the Combat Engineer day, the league will run every Thursday for the following three weeks.  A weekly participation fee of $5 of product ($10 if using unpainted models) must be purchased.  Put it towards that sweet, new jack or unit!
On June 26th, we will hold the Finale day.  Some tables will be devoted to the finale event, with others in use for standard Shattered Grounds games.  The winner of the finale will receive the Hero Commendation and a MK2 poster.
July will host the Hordes MK2 Genesis release event.  This event takes place on July 24th and will run all day.  Any faction is available for use, but only Hordes factions will be eligible for prizes.  The cost will be $5 for fully painted and $10 for unpainted models.  Details on the scenarios and list builds will become available soon.
August 16th-September 5th:  Prepare for RAMPAGE!!!!  Summer Rampage returns to Gatehouse Games every Thursday night.  Fight for faction glory and gold.  This is one event in the year that Faction on faction violence is prohibited, so bring friends to beat up!  September 4th will be the final hurrah for Rampage with an all-day-beat-down.  Again, Rampage will be $5/10 weekly product for participants.  Face it, you’re gonna spend the money anyway; why NOT get stuff for your army too!?
And for Monsterpocalypse fans; July-August will bear witness to the release of VOLTRON!!!  Special demos will be scheduled in advance, so make sure you free up some time to check out the newest expansion to Privateer’s collectible mini universe.
As always, specific event details will be posted and advertised when the dates approach.  Keep watching out and keep fighting hard.  You bring the bodies, I’ll bring the game.

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