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August 21, 2009


I was thinking about it today and realized that the most intelligent thing would not be to assign League points but to calculate Control Points in order to show players where they stand for earning the Summer Rampage '09 pins. (Duh!) So without further ado...

(From the Summer Rampage '09 PDF rules by Privateer Press:)

First, second, and third place pins will be awarded to the players
with the top 3 accumulated control points. In the event of a tie, the
higher ranked pin will go to the player who earned more Control
Tip: Show Me the Money!
In the 2009 Summer Rampage league, a new prize is
on the line – the order that the Mk II force books are
released in 2010.
All WARMACHINE force books will be released before
the HORDES force books, but within their own game,
Summer Rampage determines the book order.
Factions with more territories at the end of Summer
Rampage will receive priority for their book’s release
with any ties being broken by the overall Control
Points of the tied factions.
Watch the league map carefully to secure victory in
disputed territories.
  • Justin: 4 wins ( 500 x4) 12 Control Points
  • Vic: 3 wins (500 x2 and 750 x1) 11 Control Points
  • Dwight: 3 wins (500 x3) 9 Control Points
  • John: 1 win (500 x1) 3 Control Points
  • Macchi: 1 win (500 x1) 3 Control Points
  • Larry: 1 win (500 x1) 3 Control Points
  • Rich: Ringer
Please review your list of games and make sure that I am not making a mistake on my calculations.

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