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June 30, 2009


From the Privateer Press website ...

Full Metal Battle Sport

Bellevue WA. June 30, 2009—Privateer Press is pleased to announce Grind, an extreme combat sports board game for two players ages 14 and up releasing this October. In Grind players customize a team of steamjacks—10-ton, steam-powered mechanical robots—and battle to move a large, spiked ball into their opponent’s goal. The game comes with several highly detailed plastic components, including six Runner steamjack figures, four Crusher steamjack figures, 32 interchangeable weapon arms, two spiked pillars, and the Grinder ball. Also included are a full-color game board, 11 tokens, and custom dice.

When asked about the design behind Grind, Privateer Press Lead Designer Erik-Jason Yaple said, “As we were developing Grind we looked at nearly every sport in existence for inspiration. Grind borrows from American and international football, rugby, billiards, hockey, and even stock car racing. The game delivers aggressive, in-your-face action as players slam and bash their steamjacks into each other. At the same time, it rewards careful planning and strategy as players try to get the Grinder across the playing field and into their opponent’s goal while the clock is running down. And thanks to the incredible amount of steamjack customization, players can build the team that suits their play style right out of the box.”

The official Grind webpage will be launched on Friday, July 3rd on

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