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June 24, 2009


Quoted from the Breast Cancer Brawl website:

What Is the Breast Cancer Brawl?

The Breast Cancer Brawl is a way for you to participate in a worthy cause while having a good time playing the games we all love. There are two parts of the Breast Cancer Brawl – the Play to Save a Life tournament and the Pretty In Pink painting competition.

The Play to Save a Life event is tournament format for various tabletop miniatures games of any point size and or level that we hope to see held in local game stores across the globe. The rules and scenarios are similar to standard tournament formats with a few changes to make things interesting. The most important part is that entry fees are donated to a breast cancer charity and that the rules of the games allow players to donate even more money to a good cause in exchange for in-game effects like re-rolling the dice. Anyone can run a Play to Save a Life tournament at his or her local game store or gaming club. We’ve found that official game company volunteers, tournament organizers, and store employees are the best candidates for this as they’ve already got experience organizing events and they’re used to sitting out of the competition.

The Pretty in Pink painting competition is a way for you to raise awareness through the miniature painting and modeling hobby. Participants simply paint up a favorite miniature from any company in a way that raises awareness of breast cancer. This can be done through simple 'pink' paint jobs, using greenstuff to give your models pink ribbons, and more. Participants should be creative and effective in their modeling and painting. We have two categories for which to submit your painted models: The "single female" category and "other." Any other model, diorama, or scene that doesn't fit into the "single female" category will be placed into the "other" category.

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