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March 27, 2009

TALES FROM 1-1-1-1 ... Round Two

I already discussed the first round of the 1-1-1-1 event that I played in awhile back. I played a young gamer who was fielding a Protectorate of Menoth list using the Harbinger.
My next round was against a relatively experience player using Legion of Everblight, namely Rhyas. Let's just say that I was somewhat annoyed by Death Shadow and Perfect Balance. 'Nuff Said. The Legion army consisted of Rhyas, a Carnivean, a slew of Blighted Swordsmen, and a few too many Incubi for my liking.
I started the game playing a little too cautius, probably. I had a big line of Trenchers up front, followed by the Thunderhead and Haley with Pendrake in a nearby wood template. The Trenchers started out by blasting Swordsmen, bringing out the Icubi early so that they could be dealt with accordingly. This worked at first, but my lack of understanding of how the Icubi function on the table plus the fact that Temporal Barrier is a Pulse effect ... didn't work out so well.
In the end, I got cocky and attempted to bring down the Carnivean with my Thunderhead (with Pendrake in tow) in an attempt to tie up some of my opponent's Fury usage. I counted on the ability of my Trenchers to continue to successfully make their Terror checks against the last two remaining Icubi. Poor choice!
The Trenchers ended up failing their third Terror check when an Icubus popped out of a dead Swordsman, and they turned tail to run away from Haley. It was only a matter of time until Haley was surrounded by the remaining Swordsmen with Rhys waiting for a chance to duck in and assassinate the Cygnar Warcaster.
And that's what happened. Haley put up a good fight. She wasted several Swordsman, but in the end I failed to eliminate all of them. Rhys then charged right in, and slashed her way to victory.
Cygnar fell on the bloody battlefield.

My next and final game of the 1-1-1-1 event was against a fellow Pressganger using Rhulic Mercenaries. I'll tell that tale next, but don't expect much. It ended badly for me!

Until next time, keep rolling sixes and have fun!

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