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November 19, 2009


November 22th - Thrall Harvest Charity Tournament to Benefit the Westmoreland County Food Bank

Thats right everyone its back.

The Vault Comics and Games is running a Foodmachine event November 22nd, at 1pm. All items collected go to the Westmoreland County Food Bank.

Be ready for some custom scenarios and missions.

A ten can donation is the fee to get in. The rest are for breaking rules.

500 pts, mixed event, one list

Like last year there are some special donations:

15 cans at sign up, your list can have an epic (one use only).

20 cans at sign up, your list can have any one non warcaster/warlock model/unit from a different faction (one use only)

What kind of rules you ask:
Want an extra focus or fury, donate.
Want to go first but set up second, donate.
Don't want your opponent to advance deploy a unit, donate.
Want to reroll a dice roll or make your opponent to reroll, donate.

There will be prizes given away; also a retribution force to be give to the person who donates the most items. So get out there and give. 

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