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August 30, 2009


In order to hype up the coming release of Privateer Press's Retribution of Scyrah release in September, I will be scheduling at least two Demo Days at Whatever!! in the DuBois Mall. I am not sure exactly what days I will be doing this as of yet ... but it will fall sometime between September 4th and October 2nd. I am aiming for Thursday night for these demos. It mainly depends on how long it takes me to get my shiny new Retribution models from the Company and then how long it takes my lazy self to get them assembled and painted. But ... you have been warned.

Remember that the Retribution book and models will be coming out in September. Talk to the staff at Whatever!! to special order your models.

The purpose of the demo will be three-fold:

1. For new people to try the game and learn how to play.
2. For veterans to wage war on the Retribution and see how the new factions preforms.
3. To prepare for FLASHPOINT, a event that will celebrate the launch of the new faction.

You can read more about WARMACHINE and get free Quick Start Rules by clicking on the following link:

All items needed to play with be supplied during Demo Days. Participation in Demo Days is free of charge. Come in and roll some dice.

And if you are already playing WARMACHINE, then bring in your models and throw down with the Angry Elves ... they'll be waiting.

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